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Reach Your Skin Goal With Charcoal

From teeth whitening products to savoury ice cream flavours, charcoal has literally risen from the ashes and become the next IT thing in cosmetics. Leading the charcoal horse-race, Boscia Skin Care products are killing it with there legendary peel-off face masks and their complete line of charcoal inspired, preservative-free, self-care line. Before I go into […]

Chainmail Alert

2017’s fashion year has really flourished into a large-scale blast from the past. Taking-on vintage graphics, denim embroidery, fringe bangs, velour, terry, ear jewels and XXL sizing, twenty-seventeen has made evident the homage to 80’s glam. In the spotlight, chainmail has arguably become 2017’s biggest red carpet fashion trend. Having sprung from the grave, chainmail […]

Treat Yo’ Self

“Once a year, Donna and I spend a day treating ourselves. What do we treat ourselves to? Clothes; Treat yoself. Fragrances; Treat yoself. Massages; Treat yoself. Mimosas; Treat yoself. Fine leather goods.Treat yoself!” -Tom Haverford, Donna Meagl Read closely my friends, because these are words to live by. I always say; the best gifts in life…. are given by yourself! Nobody knows you better […]