It is your aunt’s 1980 Chrysler Avenger; that spot which was once white on the dispensable sofa in the basement; the wine cork collection you keep in the kitchen cabinet that is hard to reach. It is the vanilla wafer cookies your Nana always had and wished were chocolate; those jelly shoes you found at that quaint thrift shop on the corner street;  the ever hard to match foundation you have been searching for your whole adolescent life.

Beige is the yellowish, cream cousin of the colour white. While beige shares the same pureness and softness of the colour white, beige holds the history of an under appreciated elegance. In observing the colour beige, you may detect a whiteness, or a lack of whiteness as it offers an earthly warmth and a crisp coolness. It is a dependable, conservative, and flexible colour: Neutral, calm, and relaxing.


Beige is the colour of an elephants ivory tusks a symbol of innocence, chastity, opulence and virtue since early history.

Variations of beige: buff, camel, oatmeal, tan, desert sand, tuscan, eggshell, khaki, biscuit, cream, ecru, mushroom, milk white, pearl, off-white, opaline.

‘Ivory Tower’

A state of privileged seclusion or separation from the facts and practicalities of the real world. Originating from the early 20th century, translating in French to tour d’ivoire, first seen in the poem “Pensées d’Août, à M. Villemain”, by Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve in 1837.



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