8 Best Disney Fashion Collaborations

The Walt Disney Company started with just two brothers named Walt and Roy Disney, working in the rear of a small office in LA, 1923. Fast forward 90 years, and Walt Disney is now a multi-national, mass-media entertainment giant and arguably the worlds largest media corporation, grossing a whopping 55.14 billion USD and producing 136+ movies. But the most important thing Disney has done has been capturing the hearts of billions and inspiring little boys and girls to dream: To wish upon a star. There is not a child out there today who has not grown up watching Beauty and the Beast, or Finding Nemo, the Lion King, or Frozen; the list goes on and on. My favourite Disney movies as a kid were The Rescuers, Anastasia and Mulan. Disney has an inescapable way of creating a sense of comfort, amity and home. I’ve been to both Disney World and Disney land a handful of times and would still love to go in future. I am also not ashamed to say that the trip is not complete unless I wear those ridiculously adorable Mickey ears throughout my stay , maybe even opting for a glittery pink one to spice things up. But, whilst I’m outside the bounds of the park and the acceptable-to-wear-ears-zone, I still like to dress from time-to-time in something that covertly sais “Disney”. In fact, there has been over 47 official Disney collaborations out there on the market that has hit almost every industry. if you hadn’t guessed where this is going yet: Here are my top 8 favourite Disney fashion collaborations within the past decade for your curious viewing.

8- Christopher Raeburn x Disney

British fashion designer Christopher Raeburn created a line of luxury unisex bags that encapsulated the iconic Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Known to repurpose military fabrics sourced throughout Europe, Raeburn’s edgy line of knapsacks are made from nappa leather and organic indigo denim.

7- Le Creuset x Disney

Le Creuset has made it a point that they are either big fans, or cunning opportunists by not only releasing one, but two different projects in collaboration with Disney. In celebration of the 80th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) as well as the 2017 remake of  Beauty and the Beast (which is a must see of you haven’t yet), Le Creuset created an apple-shaped Dutch oven and a rose decorated version of their classic soup pot: After all, you can’t leave all the cooking and baking to the enchanted cookware.

6- Comme des Garçons x Disney

Comme des Garçons partnered with Disney in 2014 to create an elevated and urban Spring/Summer capsule collection.  Entitled the “Camo” capsule collection, this collab comprised core T-shirts and poplin button-ups, uniquely printed with overlapped, raw sketches of Mickey Mouse to create a colourful camouflage-pattern effect.

5-Marc Jacobs x Disney

In late 2017, Marc by Marc Jacobs launched an exclusive capsule collection inspired by the original Alice in Wonderland. Beloved for it’s whimsical storyline and almost psychedelic scenery, is seems like Marc Jacobs plucked daisies, tiger lilies and roses right out of Wonderland’s garden and made them the focal point of his line, featuring an impressive array of sunglasses, bags, sweatshirts and iPhone cases.

4- The Face Shop x Disney Collection


Korean beauty and cosmetics company, The Face Shop, pushed the limits and included pretty much every favourite Disney characters spanning from the old classic Winnie the Pooh to the new duo Sully and Mike in Monsters Inc. Released in April 2017, the Face Shop made sure to create a line that reflected a love of childhood animation whilst supplying an vast line of products to serve everyones makeup needs from Disney princess sheet masks to Mickey Mouse lip tints.

3- Kenzo x The Jungle Book

Kenzo’s Carol Lim and Humberto Leon pulled inspo from the original Jungle Book animations to create a wild line of ready-to-wear women and menswear, just in time for the 2016 release of the live-action Jungle Book remake (again, another movie that did not disappoint). Using the construction of European high fashion and Japanese street style, Kenzo brought together familiarity with bold and new tropical prints. my favourite piece being the clever incorporation of Shere Khan that mirrors their widely recognized tiger logo.

2- Coach x Disney

Disney and Coach launched a limited-edition collection featuring Mickey designs on everything from leather accessories and bags to ready-to-wear apparel. Diving into the archives of Disney animation, Coach chose the 1930’s version of Mickey Mouse as their muse and you can see him eloquently stitched on a number of pieces creating a classic piece to any outfit.

1- Givenchy x Bambi

In 2013, Riccardo Tisci, former Creative Director at Givenchy, decided to bring a hint of Disney to his collection. Although not as Disney-festive as some of the other collaborations, Givenchy’s Bambi-slash-female-body-painting graphic brings a nostalgic feel to the oversized tee trend and is giving the notorious rottweiler design a run for it’s money. Staying true to the brand’s dark romanticism, the sweatshirt has since been seen on countless celebrities and fashion icons such as Beyoncé, Lily Collins, and former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris Carine Roitfeld.

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