DIY Advent Calendar

So, this week I finally had enough time off between work and school to go back and visit my family for the week and was pleasantly surprised to see the cutest wooden advent calendar propped up in the corner of our office; waiting to be opened. Unfortunately, I cannot take the credit on this super amazing idea as it was all my mother, BUT, I am just as content with sitting back and getting to open all the nifty little things she puts inside each day ;). She also thought ahead of the game and hid the gifts, only putting them out that morning. Otherwise, I don’t know how effective her little plot to get me to visit more often would work because the likelihood of me opening up one, singular drawer, day-by-day, is very slim. Any-who, here are some of the things she had gotten for me so far, to give you some inspo to go out and make your own advent calendars for the Holiday 🙂


I opened up days 1-8, however there are only 5 ideas shown because I may have eaten some of the other treats provided (sorry!). Stay tuned though, I’ll be updating al the treats I unlock throughout the month for all you nosey Holiday fiends.

In the meantime, here are some my 3 fave DIY advent calendar ideas I saw online, and if you’re thinking that you already missed the chance: You’re wrong. You still have 12 days left of advent potential!

1- A DIY Treat Yo’ Self Modern Calendar


This one is my absolute favourite because there’s nothing else I love more to do than to treat myself. Not to mention I’m a lonely, crazy, cat woman so there’s no one else to advent calendar for in my rinky-dink student apartment other than myself…… and my cats. Weather you want to treat yourself to a nice bath or for a decadent dirty chai latte at some over-priced specialty café, you gotta force yourself to make the most of this drab, cold Christmas time ;).

Get the How-to at: We Are Scout

2- A DIY Recycled Bag Calendar


Reduce, reuse but definitely don’t recycle a gift (it may come back to bite you in the ass!): This advent calendar idea uses old paper grocery bags and a some white paint to make little boxes that you can fill with treat, snacks and more treats.

Get the How-to at: Whatever Dee Dee Wants

3- A DIY Printable Boxes Calendar


If you aren’t feeling crafty: That’s okay! Well, it’s only okay if you have a printer, if you don’t, then you still gotta get you’re lazy self up and make your own. If you do, then do I have a solution for you. Go online and find the blueprints to print out your own calendar. Et voilà, advent away!

Get the How-to at: You Are My Fave

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