The Five Fall Fave’s

Anyone else find it really difficult to keep your skin looking fresh and even during the up-and-down, hot-and-cold weather that is Fall? I mean, one day I’m boiling in a t-shirt, and the next I’m chilly in a turtleneck. Don’t get me wrong though, Fall is the best time of year and the only time it is acceptable to wear slides and a sweater at the same time. What a treat that is.

With all that said, there’s no surprise that fall is one of the hardest seasons on your skin because your body just doesn’t know how to adjust to the wacky weather at a faster rate than the temperature change. Not to mention, you don’t have that sun-kissed glow anymore to help hide your imperfections and smokescreen those dry/oily spots. So what should you do you might as? I like to keep things to a minimal and really try to limit myself to the products that’ll balance, sooth and even my complexion. Here to help, try these five fall favourite’s that’ll keep your skin looking fresh and fab, right in time for you to get that “I’-don’t-see-the-camera-but-take-the-pic-before-I-break-this-bomb-pose” pic of you pumpkin picking for your Instagram you fool.


1- Fresh, Soy Face Cleanser


I actually got this product as a sample at Sephora but loved it so much that it became my “special occasions only” cleanser. With cucumber and rose oil to sooth the skin, you can see an instant effect that reduces dullness and uneven skin tone from just using it once. Bonus points for smelling exactly like the water they have in those fancy dispensers at posh hotels (I think it’s just cucumber water but whatever).


2- Stila, One Step Colour Correct, Skin Tone Correcting & Brightening Serum


Okay, so when I bought this product I thought it was actual makeup, and what I mean by actual makeup is, I thought it was a colour tinted concealer and to be used instead of a colour correcting foundation or crayon. In the end, which is says smack on the middle-front of the box, it is a serum. Meaning, you don’t need to blend it in and it doesn’t leave an ounce of opacity like I though. Nonetheless, it’s a really nice face serum and it does have some sort of pigment inside that balances out all the weird under tones in your skin. If ever you want to feel confident and comfortable not wearing foundation, then this product would really help. I recommend it most to those of you with tissue-paper skin, such as myself, that lets you see right through it and leaves weird purple patches in really weird places (like the eyelids, right?)


3- Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder


Before you exit this post for me recommending a powder that describes itself as translucent, let me explain. I thought the same thing too when I first heard of these products. I mean, if it’s translucent, why not put nothing on and it still be translucent? BUT, BUT, BUT, this product is a life saver. If you’ve ever put on foundation and found it cling to one patch of your face more than the rest, leading you to wipe it off and start all over on that one spot: This product is for you. Scratch that, this product is for everyone. It’s great, it’s like wearing a real-time photoshop filter and just sets all your makeup perfectly, camouflaging all your patchy spots and evening everything out.


4- Ouai, Hair Oil


This was my first time using any Ouai product, and I gotta say, I was pretty impressed. I mean you could’ve just told me it was created by Jen Atkin because I’m a KUWTK freak, but good job for making a good product too. Though I normally go for the cheap Moroccan Argan oil stuff from the pharmacy, I decided to go out on a whim and try something different. All in all, though it was a little bit more pricey, you do get good bank for your buck with this product. Instead of on dry hair, they recommend you put a bit in damp hair or as a night serum. I say, if your going to use it as a night serum, better just waste the cheap stuff, but use it right before you go out and it’ll tame the frizz just enough and not leave you looking like a grease ball that love’s to skip showers.


5- Dior, Addict Lip Expert Duo with Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm and Lip Maximizer Collagen Activ


Saving the best for last, these two products are my favourite lip products and I got super lucky and found them at duty-free at the airport. That’s a lie, my mom found them there and got it for me (what a gem). The Lip Reviver balm is a mix between a gloss and a balm that gives you supple hydration without the awkward 5-minutes-after-period, where there’s too much gloss and you feel the overwhelming need to lick some off. In the product description, it says that the product reacts to the PH of the skin and creates a customized shade, however, I always got the same soft petal pink colour so I don’t really think it reacts to your lips but I really could care less. Did anyone else get something different that I did? Let me know! The Lip Maximizer however is my favourite. I always want plump lips, but nothing drives me more mad than those plumping products that tingle and sting. The worst is when you eat something and a little get in your mouth, it feels like a billion little ants are having disco party in your throat. This product doesn’t do that at all, and I have finally found a product that stimulates the lips enough to give a soft pout. It’s an A++ for me.




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