Cosmetics Company to Know: Birchbox

Whilst in NYC, I found the cutest makeup shop in Soho called Birchbox. After doing a little research, I found out that they are actually an online service that offers monthly or yearly subscriptions to receive a box full of beauty samples! I really wanted to join because makeup addictions are really hard to fund, and trying everything new on the market isn’t always realistic, so I thought this could be the answer to my prayers. Unfortunately, I found out that they don’t provide subscriptions to Canadian residents. What a bummer eh ;). In the end, I ended up spending a couple of bucks on products I wanted to try and was pleasantly surprised that if you spend a certain amount in their store, you end up getting a bunch of free Birchboxes depending on how much you spend! Put together what me and my mom spent at the shop and we ended up getting two amazing boxes filled with goodies completely for free! They also have this amazing service in store whereby you can make your own Birchbox filled with 5 samples of your choice.



The first box I got was very much summer themed and was all about the bronzed, beachy vibes. As I’d like to think of myself as a tanaholic, this box was absolutely perfect for me. Inside it came with;

The best product by far, and surprisingly at that, was the CLEAN White Woods fragrance. Not too overpowering, the scent was very warm and crisp. With bergamot, mandarin and vanilla orchid, I was completely smitten with it. Out of everything inside the box, I think I would purchase the perfume and the COOLA lightly tinted mineral sunscreen. I never even thought to use a face sunscreen in my life, but honestly it’s perfect because it is lightly tinted so that way you don’t look like a flushed mess when you get up from sunbathing, and your face isn’t greasy at all. Like, facial sunscreen is unchartered territory for me and I’m god damn ecstatic.



The second box I got for free was my personal favourite and had everything inside to bring with you to the gym. I mean, not that I go to the gym as much as I would like to say I do, but still, maybe it will motivate me to try a little harder. Inside there was;

In this box, I fell in love with the cleansing foam conditioner. It’s easy, it’s simple, I’m pretty sure it’s you can pass it as a two-in-one (not really but I did), and I’m a sucker for really good packaging and I thought this product was just a hit. It kept my hair bouncy and light, but still really soft and NO FRIZZ! Wild of you ask me. I also really liked the Eyeko mascara. The swoop angled brush was actually really good and I feel like there is this stigma with sports mascaras that they aren’t really good, but this one was exceptional. It also had small fibres in it that made your eyelashes look gloriously non-gym-worthy. But hey, if you want to exceed my expectations, by all means.



The last box we payed $15 USD to make our own box of samples. We got to pick 5 from different sections like hair, face, fragrance, body and I forget the last one but you get the point. I ended up picking;

Before anything else, can I just say that anyone and everyone with dry or sensitive skin NEEDS NEEDS NEEDs to get the Dr Jart+ Tiger Grass Cream. If feels great; it’s light; it takes no time to sink in; I could bathe in tiger grass scent for the rest of my life and not get fed up. I also really like the KNC Beauty Lip mask. However, like all plumping lip masks, I feel like my lips just felt clean and hydrated and it wasn’t an instant Kylie look. But honestly, a product has to be pumped with some wacky stuff to do that, so I’m content with what it gave me: Happy pout, happy night out!



End of the day, I really liked my Birchbox experience and it really sucks that they stopped shipping to Canada because the samples let me try a lot of cool new things and they sold a lot of makeup brands that Sephora has yet to carry: Lot’s of cool product reviews to come! So if you haven’t heard of it yet, and you find yourself in NYC, ORRRRRR, you have a secret PO box that you ship stuff to (shhhh!), then I suggest you check them out :). Otherwise, a lot of the products that I loved are available on the Company’s website and at Sephora as well so no biggie trying to find the full sizes.



  1. Birchbox has been a beauty subscription since I was in my early 20s, didn’t know they had a store though. I think I stayed with them for a few months but never liked anything they sent.


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