10 Things to Bring to a Music Festival

Festival Season: A season of musical mania where jingle junkies and tune admirers gather in a shared love of music to raise their hands in synchronicity and sway to the rhyme of live song.

I’m sure you all have heard of the widely popular music festivals like Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland and Lollapalooza? This year, along with 3 of my friends, I decided it was well worth it to bedazzle up my body and make my way to the Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal. Being my second visit, I found myself in dire need to plan what to bring along with me because, let’s face it: You don’t deserve those tickets unless you are going to sweat off your spray-tan and dance till your toes are black with dirt. With that said, a big bag wouldn’t be ideal to bring along with you, and yea really have to think sparingly. After a long time speculating, I decided to narrow it down to 10 ‘must-bring-with-you’ things if you are ever to experience the euphoria that is a music festival. First you’ll need;

  1.  A BagIMG_6592.jpg

I didn’t actually end up bringing this bag because I was too scared that the chain would stick to my silk pants but it definitely would’ve been an eye-catching addition to my outfit. I ended up bringing the classic Coach cross-body with orange detailing of roughly the same size. Like I mentioned before, the smaller; the light; the better. I also noticed a lot of girls carrying those super cute mini leather backpacks and bucket bags (something I wish I had and have yet to find).

2. A snackIMG_6593.jpg

This one is a given. You burn calories dancing; the heat and sun drains you out; you get hungry. I actually didn’t bring much to eat this time around, which is odd because I bring a decent amount of treats with me wherever I go. However, rumour had it that they were selling Mr. Puffs this year and I figured I might as well eat at the food trucks provided. In addition to eating a delish smoked meat sandwich, this little jar of Nutella I got at a corner store was ACTUALLY a good idea. I got made fun for bringing this but jokes on them because they sold cups of fruit there and I felt golden after my makeshift treat.

3. Body Art/ Temporary tattoosIMG_6583.jpg

I was actually super disappointed that I screwed up the best one of the goddess Isis by not taking off the plastic cover **eye-roll. Tip: Don’t take for granted the instructions no matter how confident you feel you are or how many times you used to use these bad boys when you were a kid.  As well, make sure you have a good exfoliant on hand for after because I’ve been wearing sweaters to work for the past week in the middle of summer because I can’t get them off. Which leads me to my second tip: Don’t underestimate the power of these tattoos and make sure not to stick one smack in the middle of your forehead.

4. A chargerIMG_6594.jpg

If you aren’t ashamed to think it, I’m not afraid to share it: I cannot live without my phone for a WHOLE ENTIRE DAY. Let alone a day where you can be sure to see me post a minimum of 5 snaps, 10 pictures and a location notification. Never rely on charging docks because there are thousands of people there and who knows how safe those things are, even just a couple feet away.

5. Something to take good photos withIMG_6597.jpg

I don’t have a professional camera, however as I mentioned above, there are 1000000+ photo ops at music festivals that cannot be wasted. As my phone takes the best photos, I decided to use my Lumee 2 case, with front and back lighting and a fisheye lens that I got from Urban Outfitters.

6. Something Glittery IMG_6586.jpg

Call me extra but if there isn’t glitter on yourself somewhere and you are at a music festival, you are clearly not putting enough effort into it. I mean, this is the one time of year, besides Halloween, where girls can dress like they are slutty Care Bears and no one will say nothing. Since I already had gold tattoos, I decided to go for some complimentary gold lipstick from Bite Beauty. I had mediocre expectations for this product, but was pleasantly surprised to find that you can really build up this product on your lips so that it fully covers your lips in liquid gold!

7. Something OpalIMG_6584.jpg The Opal stone is meant to symbolize hope, innocence and purity…… which makes complete sense as to why boho beauties and hippie hooligans wear them so much: It’s to counteract the negative energies of teen spirit and moonshine. So I guess let your freak flag fly cause opal’s got your back.

8. Something to drinkIMG_6591.jpg

Water will suffice, but I prefer tequila ;).

9. Hair ties and clipsIMG_6596.jpg

Ladies, I recommend you don’t spend 2 hours curling your hair and clipping in your extensions because half way through the day your hairs going up into a sticky, messy bun.

10. A Fashion Emergency KitIMG_6589.jpg

Saving the best for last, I brought this fashion emergency kit to save my sorry soul from a number of close-call wardrobe malfunctions. I got this kit from Ulta Beauty which included a deodorant removing sponge, blister pads, stain wipe and extra earring backs among other things.

Planning on hitting up the last of the summer festivals? Here’s where you can find the things that I brought with me:





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