The Eyebrow Know-how

From no brows to wow brows, my eyebrows have always been a defining feature on my face (for better or for worse).  I spent years using simple eyeliner crayons to colour them into thin brown rainbows because I simply did not know of the sculpting and filling possibilities out there. Thankfully, I had managed to grow them back into tip-top shape right in time to hop on the bold eyebrow bandwagon.

eyebrow shapes

Personally, I’m not a hard advocate of finding the right shape eyebrow for the right type of face shape you have. I’d rather stick to “what each person feels looks the best is the best shape for them” type of philosophy. I normally tend to gravitate toward a mix of the flat and hard angle eyebrows in personal reference. If I had thick enough eyebrows, I’d probably model them thicker, taking brow inspo from Camilla Belle and Emma Watson.

 Besides micro-blading (a.k.a feathering), which still isn’t off the table for me, I have tried pretty much everything under the sun that has to do with your eyeballs’ upstairs neighbours. These are my top eyebrow beauty picks:

1. Anastasia Dip-brow Pomade w. Brush #7B


This product is by far my favourite eyebrow product I have tried to this date. Make sure you pair it with the Anastasia duo brush #7B or any other precise angle-cut brush and spool (this is the key to the magic). The pomade is thick yet malleable and makes for a perfect product because you can really play with the texture and pick the level of coverage you need. The brush strokes also make for a natural looking brow, especially on those stubborn inner corners. The real struggle of the brow is getting that trendy angular inner-corner whilst making sure it doesn’t look too filled in.

Tip for the perfect inner brow: Only outline the brow a quarter ways past the inner brow. Also make sure to mimic hair with your strokes, staring from below and whisping the brush upward

My shade: Dark brown

2. Benefit Cosmetics BROWVO! Conditioning Primer



This product worked wonders for me in a very unexpected way. Initially, I thought this product was a primer, meant to prep the brow and in combination with other eyebrow products, however, you can also use this product on it’s own. The first way you can use this product is in the way the product name suggests; as a primer. The product helps your eyebrows look thicker and also keeps the hairs in place, ready for makeup add-ons. As well, the nutrient-rich formula of keratin and soy proteins really helps to condition the hairs and can also be used as a serum. I always had thinner areas in the brow due to personal maintenance among other reasons and have seen a really dramatic change since using this product. It’s been a little over two months and all the patches and holes have filled which makes my daily routine that much easier. 

My shade: Ebony, Dark brown

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Power Duo


As you can tell by now, Anastasia is my favourite brand in eyebrow maintenance and beauty. And with good reason. The Brow power duo is a pressed powder and the ultimate purchase for those who want the air-brushed eyebrow effect without the hard angles and edges. To add to the natural essence of the product, each come split in two complimentary colours. The intent of this is so that you can use the darker colour on the outer corners of the brow and throughout the brow as a filler, and the lighter corner on the inner corners of the brow. When applied, this one is not as opaque as the other products mentioned. Therefore, if you are looking for something to fill in the spaces, I suggest you first try the other mentioned options first.

My shade: Dark brown, Ash brown (for a more subtle look)

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz


This product is perfect for the “always-on-the-go” type of person. It is dual ended,so you don’t need a spool in addition to this product, and the twist eyebrow crayon does not need a sharpener. The product works great and gives off less product texture on the eyebrows then the pomade with the same coverage abilities. The only downside to my experience with this product is I found my hand not as steady when drawing it on like a crayon than with the pomade and brush and made it look a little bit more filled in and boxy than I preferred. I suggest this product to those who want the quick touch-ups/ fill-ins and already have the shape of eyebrow they want.

Extra Step.

Once done with the eyebrows , perfect the look with a simple concealer or highlight. I like to use a concealer that’s a shade lighter than the rest of my face to accentuate the ark of my brow combined with a cream-stick highlight. I use the COVER FX cream concealer and the Benefit Cosmetics Whatt’s Up! Cream-to-powder highlighter as shown below. 

My shade (concealer): N Extra light


You can find these products in store at Sephora or as listed below:


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