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The Two Lip Balms that Will Make You Love Lip Balm Again

Lip balm really was the gateway ‘makeup’ for every pre-pubescent, Lasenza-girl-wearing, mood-ring-loving girl. Besides the occasional kid obsessed with eating Lipsmackers like it was candy, lip balm was….. the bomb! But somewhere along the road, I (like I’m sure many others), started to loose interest in lip balms— with the exception of EOS’s one-hit-wonder bringing […]


It is the wine bottle you kept to house your cotton branches on the windowsill; the view you anxiously and patiently wait to wake up to when the drab, slushy remainders of winter melt away; the gown you knew would be distinctly yours among the other hundreds of prom dresses in your graduation photos. It […]


It is your aunt’s 1980 Chrysler Avenger; that spot which was once white on the dispensable sofa in the basement; the wine cork collection you keep in the kitchen cabinet that is hard to reach. It is the vanilla wafer cookies your Nana always had and wished were chocolate; those jelly shoes you found at […]